Ford Continues Grand Quest To Shorten Wait Time With Exclusive Three-Year Deal

Ford Australia has taken the extraordinary step of signing an exclusive three-year lease deal on a vehicle carrier ship in an effort to reduce customer wait times for new vehicles.

The ship, sailing under the name Grand Quest, will be put to work delivering vehicles from Ford’s Thailand plants to customers in both Australia and New Zealand.

With a capacity of 2600 vehicles, Ford Australia will utilise the Grand Quest to shorten wait times for customers who have placed orders for the award-winning Ranger and Everest.

“We are investing significantly in tackling the ongoing supply chain issues head-on, with a focus on ensuring customer cars are delivered as quickly as possible,” said Andrew Birkic, President and CEO, Ford Australia and New Zealand.

“Securing an exclusive three-year lease of the Grand Quest will allow Ford Australia to deliver more vehicles to both Australia and New Zealand as we continue to face unprecedent levels of demand.”

Along with the Grand Quest, and in addition to regular shipments shared with other manufacturers, Ford Australia continues to exclusively charter ships for a handful of trips at a time.

“With the addition of the Grand Quest to our logistics supply chain, customers can buy a Ford Ranger or Everest knowing that we’re doing all we can to deliver their vehicle as quickly as possible,” said Ambrose Henderson, Director of CX and Growth, Ford Australia.

The Grand Quest is operated by Polaris Autoliners Ltd, who work closely with Ford Motor Company globally, and has already delivered thousands of vehicles to Australian shores.

“In a time of great logistical uncertainty, taking the initiative to lease our own ship gives Ford the ability to determine shipping routes and volumes by port, allowing us greater control in very challenging conditions,” said Iris Moreno, Vehicle Logistics Manager, Ford Australia.

The lengths Ford is going to doesn’t stop with the Grand Quest. In an effort to avoid lengthy delays due to port congestion, Ford has begun transporting some new Ranger and Everest models in shipping containers, opening access to unloading alternatives that might speed up final delivery to customers.

As port congestion persists around the country, Ford Australia is continuing to keep its dealer network and customers informed, and is committed to investigating all available methods of shortening wait times.

For the latest information, customers can visit Ford’s new vehicle availability page at: