Power Up From Home: Ford Offers Convenient Charging Solution For EV Buyers

Ford Australia is powering ahead to bring convenience to their Australian electric vehicle buyers, collaborating with leading EV charging provider Evie Networks, to offer easy and reliable EV charging to customers whether they are at home or on the road.

Available to order from Evie Networks both online at ford.com.au and through an Authorised Ford EV Dealer, the EV Charging Package includes a Teltonika Teltocharge 7.4kW single-phase wallbox, 5-meter tethered cable with Type 2 connector, and a smartphone app enabling charge scheduling, along with remote monitoring and control.

The EV Charging Package is available to both new and existing Ford customers, and is offered from $2,580, including the hardware, standard installation and $400 worth of free charging at any of Evie Network’s more than 230 public fast charging locations nationwide. This collaboration with Evie Networks leverages the expertise of an EV charging specialist, providing customers with a convenient option for home and journey charging.

A pair of additional features can be enabled, with a 22kW upgrade for those with three-phase power supply, and solar integration that allows owners to charge exclusively from excess solar power both available for an additional $300 each. With Ford’s all-inclusive charging deal with Evie Networks, charging at home and on the go has never been easier. Say hello to hassle-free charging wherever your journey takes you! The EV Charging Package allows owners that can install the home charger the ability to enjoy leaving their home each day with a fully charged battery – simply by plugging in overnight. “When living with an EV, having a home charger installed makes life so simple. You simply drive it each day, and plug it in at home like you would a smart phone,” said Myles Hartley, General Manager of Electric Vehicles, Ford Australia. “You get all the benefits of having a fuel bowser in your garage, able to fill up your car cheaply and easily overnight.

“Collaborating with Evie for this package allows Ford customers a stress-free installation process, plus the added benefit of $400 of public charging credit on their massive national public network for when Ford EV owners need to travel interstate in their car.” The $400 Evie public charging credit can also be used in the interim period between purchasing the home charger and final installation being completed and is valid for 12 months from the point of purchase. The at-home charging unit comes with Evie Networks’ three-year hardware warranty and two-year installation warranty, and is compatible with Ford’s existing electrified models such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E, E-Transit and Escape PHEV, as well as future vehicles like the Ranger PHEV, E-Transit Custom, and Puma Gen-E. As the country’s demand for electric vehicles increases, so too must the supply of appropriate infrastructure. Ford Australia encourages a strong uptake of smart home charging solutions, bolstered by an expansive, and reliable, public charging network such as that provided by Evie Networks. With a national network of installers, and fast chargers in every state and territory across more than 230 locations, Evie is committed to accelerating EV adoption in Australia.

“Partnering with Ford showcases the continuous acceleration and innovation of the EV charging industry, propelling Australia towards a more sustainable automotive future,” said Evie CEO, Chris Mills.

“The Evie Network has more than 230 public charging sites across Australia, and while the number of locations is one factor, it’s important for those chargers to be operational when EV drivers need them.

“Ford customers can enjoy peace of mind when using our public charging network, which boasts an impressive 97 per cent uptime, with all locations powered entirely by renewable energy.” Ford’s all-inclusive charging deal with Evie Networks is available both online and through Ford Australia’s Authorised EV Dealers now. Ford is proud to share it plans to expand its network of Authorised EV Dealers to more than 100 locations nationally by the end of 2024, offering extensive support for EV owners. Each Ford Authorised EV Dealer is equipped with charging infrastructure, specialist EV workshop equipment and knowledge of end-user maintenance routines.